Driving the Midlands Engine

The Midlands was built by a highly skilled workforce, specialisation, flexibility and most importantly innovation. These were the drivers that made the Midlands the engine of the UK and are still the reasons that the region has developed into a £222bn economy – a figure that has increased by 30% in the last ten years.

We see this in the DNA of the businesses that we work with and invest in. Our team has been part of this economy throughout their careers and are determined to play a part in the next stage of its development.

The Government’s ambitions for the Midlands engine is to add £34bn to the GVA and 300,000 jobs by 2030. We fully support this ambition.

Private sector growth and productivity improvement will drive this success. The Midlands has a strong advanced manufacturing and engineering base that employs 637,400 people and accounts for 19.7% of the UK’s manufacturing output. It is also home to the largest number of medical technology and device companies in the country and has an impressive life sciences pedigree from BioCity in Nottingham to the Institute for Translational Medicine in Birmingham. Supply chain, high performance technology, food and drink and energy, as well as creative, digital and design are also key growth sectors for the region.

We pride ourselves on being local investors within easy reach of all our portfolio companies We target talented and like-minded management teams in the Midlands who have real ambition to grow their businesses.We are currently providing flexible funding solutions of between £5m and £45m to support a growing portfolio of key developing businesses across the region’s broad range of sectors.

We work in close partnership with the business and advisory community in the region to identify and fund businesses with national and international influence.

We believe there has never been a better time to to support growth across the Midlands. Together we can help the Engine power towards its ambitions.

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784,000 companies

The Midlands is home to over 784,000 companies*.

*House of Commons, Nov 2016


The region has 25 universities, which deliver best in class in learning and development to around half a million students.