FPE Global

  • Sector Specialist Engineering
  • Location Stockport (nr Manchester), UK
  • LTM Revenue c. £10m
  • Deal Type MBO
  • Deal Date February 2013
  • Employees 60
  • NorthEdge Contacts Phil Frame
    Ian Plumb
  • Board Members Ian Plumb
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Business Description

FPE Global develops and manufactures partial and complete turnkey powder processing systems in the food, chemicals, plastics, mineral and pharmaceutical industries.


FPE Global designs and develops bespoke materials-handling processing systems with proven applications in a range of high-growth end markets.  The business has developed a market-leading reputation for providing value-added engineering solutions to a blue-chip client base both in the UK and internationally.

Northedge Investment Rationale

NorthEdge was attracted to the FPE transaction as it is providing a niche service to high growth end markets.   It provides innovative engineering led solutions by a team of highly experienced specialist engineers, with a key focus of providing value add to customers.


The NorthEdge investment will allow FPE to accelerate its expansion through increased focus on sales and marketing, to capitalise on large scale development projects in emerging markets and invest in internal infrastructure to support the planned growth.

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