FPE Global

  • Sector Specialist Engineering
  • Location Stockport, Manchester
  • Deal Type MBO
  • Investment Date February 2013
  • Exit Date December 2017
  • NorthEdge Contacts Ian Plumb

Regional News

9 July 2018

NorthEdge Capital SME Fund I, LP hits £120m hard cap

NorthEdge Capital has announced the close of NorthEdge Capital SME Fund I, LP (“SME Fund I”, “the Fund”) at its £120 million hard cap. The Fund was raised from existing investors and enables the firm to broaden its ability to take advantage of attractive investment opportunities in the U.K. regional lower mid-market.

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Business Description

FPE Global developed and manufactured partial and complete turnkey powder processing systems in the food, chemicals, plastics, mineral and pharmaceutical industries.


FPE Global designed and developed bespoke materials-handling processing systems with proven applications in a range of high-growth end markets. The business developed a market-leading reputation for providing value-added engineering solutions to a blue-chip client base both in the UK and internationally.