Beyond the Capital

We are not silent partners. We built NorthEdge around the strong relationships we create with the businesses we invest in. We want to be engaged with the businesses we back because they are important to us.

We are proud to be regional. Our people understand the massive opportunities but also the pressures facing businesses in the regions that we operate in because we have operated in these regions for most of our working life. We believe that there is incredible potential for businesses operating outside the capital and we work with our investment businesses to help them realise this potential.

The businesses we invest in will benefit from the experience, abilities and passion of the NorthEdge team. We make prompt and well-informed decisions because we are close to the businesses and management teams that we work alongside.

Our focus is always on value creation and capital return to benefit our stakeholders. Financial return is at the core of our dealings but we are responsible in our approach and work hard to behave “in the right way”. Our people and our networks are the lifeblood of our business and the basis of our financial performance.