Jigsaw24 eyes £80m+ revenues with Square Group acquisition
26 June 2014

Jigsaw24 eyes £80m+ revenues with Square Group acquisition

Creative IT solutions business Jigsaw24 has completed the acquisition of the B2B subsidiary and majority part of Square Group, which will see the group’s combined turnover exceed the £80m mark. Simultaneously it will be opening a new flagship Customer Experience & Service Centre in Soho, London in the heart of the UK’s Media & Entertainment Industry.

Jigsaw24, based in Nottingham with operations in Manchester, is the UK’s largest B2B reseller and integrator of creative technologies based around Apple computer systems and Adobe software, with a focus on the Creative  & Education market. The company, founded in 1992, has demonstrated strong year-on-year growth and has capitalised on the increasing popularity of Apple products, mobile devices and development of associated apps for the workplace.

Square Group, based in London, is the UK’s fourth largest B2B reseller and integrator of Apple products. Established in 1987, Square originally achieved its Apple accreditation in 1994 and currently has over 85 staff across the UK.

The acquisition provides Jigsaw24 with access to a large operation in London and highly skilled sales and services teams. The deal provides significant opportunity for further expansion, with a focus on the media, entertainment and education sectors.

Jigsaw24 also will be opening a flagship Customer Experience & Service Centre at 8 Golden Square, Soho, London in September 2014 as it continues to expand its support and managed services solutions for its growing Media & Entertainment business.

The acquisition comes just a year after Jigsaw24 received investment from private equity firm NorthEdge Capital.

Martin Balaam, CEO of Jigsaw24, said: “We are very excited to be joining forces with Square and opening the new facilities in Soho, further strengthening our position in our core markets.  Jigsaw24 has witnessed strong growth recently and these important investments alongside the support given by NorthEdge will serve to accelerate our plans for the future.”

Tom Rowley, investment manager at NorthEdge Capital and non-executive director of Jigsaw24, said: “This is the first acquisition made by Jigsaw since our investment last year. The company now has a very strong London presence, has inherited a number of lucrative contracts and with a strong management team already in place, we believe it is well placed for further growth.”

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