16 August 2019

NorthEdge announces winner from inaugural Private Equity Challenge in partnership with Leeds University

NorthEdge Capital has handed a 12-week internship to the winner of its inaugural Private Equity Challenge, which tasked students with simulating a complex private equity transaction, in collaboration with the Leeds University Union Trading and Investment Society (LUUTIS).

Scott Humphreys will join NorthEdge on 9th September to gain first-hand experience in the world of private equity. This comes after completing the Challenge, which saw NorthEdge investment professionals guide participants from LUUTIS, a group of students with a shared interest in finance and investment, through a typical private equity transaction.

Taking place over the course of seven weeks, the simulation covered each stage of the transaction process, from origination to the final investment pitch, using a real-life deal scenario from the NorthEdge portfolio as a case study .

The challenge concluded with a deal pitch at NorthEdge’s Leeds office to a mock investment committee, who, after hearing the presenting teams’ pitches, chaired a Q&A with each group on their investment thesis before providing feedback.

James Marshall, Investment Director at NorthEdge, led the challenge: “I was thrilled with the uptake and how many students invested their time during a period when final exams were approaching. Around 100 students attended the initial briefing presentation and 48 students continued participation in the seven week, fast-paced, in-depth challenge. This commitment to extra-curricular activity is a testament to the Society’s members and their ambition.

“We are committed to encouraging a wider and more diverse pool of talent into the industry and it is exciting to continue to reach talented undergraduates through our ongoing partnership with LUUTIS.

“Plans are already in place to enhance next year’s challenge by bringing some of the region’s leading corporate finance advisers, banks and lawyers within the local deal making community into the programme, and we are excited to build on this year’s success.”

A participant from the Challenge said: “The Private Equity Challenge was not only informative, engaging and rewarding, but a very valuable learning opportunity that I feel has set me up for my graduate role.”

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