NorthEdge website scores highly in Pivot Report on Transparency
2 April 2014

NorthEdge website scores highly in Pivot Report on Transparency

Pivot Partners, a research-led marketing and communications consultancy for the private equity industry, recently analysed 300 GPs websites, a third each in North America, Mainland Europe and UK and Ireland.  They assessed the transparency of the websites using a simple criteria – contact names, numbers of key staff, clear description of investment criteria.  In the openness test for UK and Ireland, the NorthEdge website scored very highly where more than half of UK and Ireland groups failed.

Pivot Partners says “A significant disadvantage of being a public company, so the rhetoric goes, is the increased burden of compliance and reporting. Private companies are “private” and private equity, doubly so. But the world is starting to look a little different. The information demands on GPs is increasing, and not just through regulation. Recent years have seen a much greater interest from LPs in how GPs communicate with them. Today, every GP has a website that ought to contain key information on its operations and also a means for an interested party to contact relevant individuals.”

To read the report in full, please click here.

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