9 March 2020

Taking Responsibility: NorthEdge Carbon Footprint Report 2019

As part of our commitment to taking responsibility for the impact we have on the climate and society, we measure and manage the emissions generated by our business activities.

NorthEdge has offset all scope 1 & 2 emissions generated in 2019 and we are committed to doing so moving forwards, typically through investment in key initiatives addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals such as climate risk, work and economic growth, partnerships, poverty and gender equality.

Ray Stenton, Managing Partner, NorthEdge, said: “We take our responsibilities as investors and employers seriously. By actively monitoring and offsetting emissions generated by our business activities through Gold Standard initiatives, we are playing our part to reduce our impact on the climate and improve our impact on society.”

We recognise that offsetting the emissions generated by our business activities is just one way to reduce our overall environmental impact. We know that a large part of our impact sits within our portfolio. We will therefore be working with our portfolio companies throughout 2020 to explore how they too can reduce their impact on the climate and improve their impact on society.

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For more information on our approach and commitment to ESG, visit: https://northedgecapital.com/investor-relations/esg/

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